University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, April 24-26, 2003

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We are using the running order listed in the results (where possible) and the program to identify runners. Because the meet program does not always list the correct running order, we may have some inaccurate identifications. Please notify us if you see any mistakes.

Audrey Giesler runs the second leg of the College 4x800m (heat two) for Indiana.
Julie Pitney runs the second leg for Findlay.
Rebecca Hunter runs the second leg for Yale.
Allison Laske runs for Buffalo.
Natalee Pennicooke runs for Northeastern.
Diane Heiser runs the second leg for Princeton.
Albany's Diane Matthews and St. Joseph's Mary Crossin.
Buffalo's third runner, Jennifer Jezorski, gets the baton in the lead.
Findlay's Anna Tardibuono.
Indiana's Stephanie Magley.
Brown's Anna Willard.
York's Tolulope Ojo.
Albany's Zerlinda Martinez.
St. Joseph's Thuy Nguyen.
Jennifer Jezorski continues to lead.
Columbia's Mayokia Walker.
Northeastern's Amy Hicks and Loyola's Kate Hartman.
Yale's Rachel Harrington leads Princeton's Jordan Wagenseller.
Yale finished sixth in 9:01.07.
Buffalo anchor Kate Kohout gets the baton in the lead.


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