University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, April 24-26, 2003

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R-L: Mindy Peterson, Maureen McCandless, Julie Culley, Rebecca Walter, Laura Stanley, Trish Nolan and Pilar Marin.
Columbia's Trish Nolan and Princeton's Pilar Marin.
#56 Carol Henry of UNC also runs near the lead.
R-L: Pilar Marin, Columbia's Lisa Stublic and North Florida's Romy Krueger.
R-L: Jennifer Davis, Julie Pitney, Tara Johnson, Christina Seremetis and Jane Martineau.
Carol Henry takes over the lead, Rebecca Walter follows.
Yuliya Stashkiv of Abilene Christian finished fourth in 9:34.82.
Renee Gunning of NC State finished eighth in 9:42.42.
Mindy Peterson (20th, 9:53.80) leads Erica Moriarty (19th, 9:53.12).
William & Mary's Tara Guelig finished 23rd in 10:00.49.
Guelig's teammate Jackie Kosakowski finished 28th in 10:09.47.
Carol Henry - who leads the race here - showed that she is back in shape after an injury in the fall.
Duke freshman Laura Stanley finished 14th in 9:48.62.
Jane Martineau of Michigan finished 30th in 10:15.24.
Henry used a great kick to pull away for the win in 9:22.56.
Michigan freshman Rebecca Walter finished second in 9:24.41.
Maureen McCandless finished third in 9:33.47.
Mary Kinyanju of TCU finished sixth in 9:40.20.
Trish Nolan of Columbia finished 12th in 9:46.23.
The start of the College Women's 5,000m Championship.


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