University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, April 24-26, 2003

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Amber Sayer finished 13th in the high school girls' 3,000m in 10:20.95.
Erin Enderly finished 16th in 10:28.03.
Betsy Sensenig of Ephrata (PA) finished 18th in 10:32.01.
Melissa Trauscht of Saratoga Springs (NY) finished 23rd in 10:55.50.
Briana Shook leads the Women's OD Steeplechase which was run simultaneously with the College Women's Championnship.
Mollie DeFrancesco runs unattached.
Shook, a student at Toledo who is redshirting the season, also runs unattached.
North Carolina's Liz Awtrey finished sixh in the college race in 10:36.12.
TCU's Alayne Thompson.
TCU's Heather Isbell finished 14th in the college race in 11:29.79.
Shook ran alone the whole way and won in 9:56.63.
Miami - Ohio's Andrea Kremer.
Boston College's Jen Donovan.
Florida's Mason Cathey finished 11th in 11:09.95.
Terie Littlepage of Houston.
Alayne Thompson finished seventh in 10:57.65.
Mollie DeFrancesco runs in second place.
Andrea Kremer finished second in the college race in 10:24.18.
Jen Donovan moved up to win the college race in 10:18.88.
Jessica Newton of Florida finished 12th in 11:13.62.


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