University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, April 24-26, 2003

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We are using the running order listed in the results (where possible) and the program to identify runners. Because the meet program does not always list the correct running order, we may have some inaccurate identifications. Please notify us if you see any mistakes.

The start of the College Women's Distance Medley Relay Championship.
L-R: Treniere Clement, Jennifer McPherson, Hilary Edmundson, Rebecca Mitchell, Laura Gerber and Londa Bevins.
Arkansas' Bevins, Villanova's Mitchell and Georgetown's Clement lead.
UNC's Erin Donohue runs just off the lead on the 1,200m leg. She handed off in second place (3:25.0) just behind Laura Gerber (3:24.9).
R-L: Edmundson, Duke's Shannon Rowbury, Tennessee's Brooke Novak and Florida State's Laura Gerber.
Penn State's Jenny Stevens runs the 1,200m leg.
Maggie Guiney leads off for Boston College.
UNC's Anissa Gainey (53.3) and FSU's Tamara Campbell (54.0) run the 400m leg.
Virginia's Carielle Doe.
Gainey and Alice Schmidt had a little trouble with their handoff...
...but Schmidt took off for her 800m leg in first place.
Georgetown's Maura McCusker
Jen Kramer runs the 800m leg for Boston College.
Brooke Novak led off for Tennessee in 3:29.1.
Melissa Talbot (56.4) ran the 400m leg for Wisconsin.
Halfway through Schmidt's 800m leg, her lead has increased.
Nicole Cook moved Tennessee from fourth to second.
Cook, an 800-meter All American, ran a 2:04.7 split.
Natalie Hughes (2:15.3) ran the 800m leg for Florida State.
Villanova's Colleen Taylor (2:10.3) handed off the baton in sixth place.


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