January 22, 2001

As a passionate runner and fan of the sport, I was absolutely thrilled to take over fast-women.com and mensracing.com in January 2006. These sites emphasize the successes of professional distance runners, as well as top-level collegiate and high school runners. We provide detailed coverage of worldwide races in distances ranging from 800 meters to
ultra-marathons through interviews, photo galleries, and stories.

Since the launching of fast-women and mensracing, there has been a gradual resurgence of distance running. Not only are records broken at various distances each year, but also record numbers of participants are entering races across the globe. This is exciting news!

As the editor of these two sites, I hope to get you as excited about our world’s best distance runners as I am. As these sites evolve, I hope to continuously improve the coverage to please all audiences who visit these sites. Currently, I am delighted to announce the addition of the USA Distance Project Athlete Journals, which you can easily reach via mensracing and fast-women.

Thank you so much for visiting! Please feel free to contact me with any thoughts, feedback, or ideas!

Shannon Martin

As part of our commitment to top-level distance running, we (the New York Road Runners) wanted to have a web site focused on women at the top of our sport. Well, when I saw what one of our web site aces (and passionate runners) Alison Wade, had created on her own in her spare time, I begged, pleaded and cajoled her to let the site serve as the basis for an NYRR site focused on competitive women. Well, lucky for us, Alison agreed. And, I'm happy to say part of her "day job" will now be to further pursue her passion working on this site and further enhancing and improving it!

We believe strongly in the future of our sport and believe the existence of stars, including American ones, is critical to the success of the sport. We want to do anything we can to help with athlete development and promotion. We think if the public knew our women stars, they would love them — and care that much more about the sport. We also want to help athletes in whatever way we can — hopefully providing you with this forum will help. We may reach different people in different ways, but we hope we can be relevant to you in some way. Competitive women runners are pretty amazing creatures, we think. There's nothing easy about training and racing hard day after day, burning quads, queasy stomachs and all it entails — especially on top of everything else we balance in life. Hopefully, this is a place for you to come for some fun, connect with each other and our sport.

And, we welcome noncompetitive runners, come learn more about these athletes — we hope you'll walk away inspired. I thank Alison once again — she's started a great venture and we can't wait to all work together to keep the momentum going!

Mary Wittenberg
Executive Vice President, New York Road Runners
2006 Update: President and CEO, New York Road Runners

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